Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gideon aka Mr. Nobody

When God called Gideon to lead an army, he was hiding in a winepress -- not a very bold move for someone God was about to use as a great military leader and someone my wife would name her cat after.

After the angel appeared to Gideon, he made excuses just like we do. "I'm not good enough;" "That's not in my comfort zone;" "What if they say no;" "What if...." You can just fill in the blank for whatever your excuse is when God calls you to do something. The funny thing is, why do we say no like Gideon, when we know that God always succeeds? Why did Gideon say no to God when God promised victory? Why did Barak say no when Deborah told him he would have victory in Judges 4? Why do we so no when God us to do something as simple as help the homeless of STL? Why? Why? Why?

However we and our kids can learn something here. God never gives up on us.  He kept coming back to Gideon because Gideon was the perfect man for the job.  He never gave up on Gideon.  God has a perfect job for you too.  I am not sure what that job is for you, but why do you keep saying no? You are the perfect person for God's plan, so just listen to him. Just like in Gideon's life, he will walk you through every single step.

Now those steps may seem crazy, like fighting a battle with only 300 men. You see God had a plan, these 300 men would not even have to yield their own swords the enemy army would defeat itself! Wow, God definitely does some crazy things in our eyes. However, it reminds us who is in control.  You better believe that 300 men always remember what GOD did on that day rather than the amazing and heroic fight they put up.

We have to remember as Christians that our life is not our own. We are to use it to worship God, so let's stop telling him no and start letting him lead the way.

So when you go to talk to your kids about Uniqueness this week and the story of Gideon, why don't you talk about these things.
  • Do you think Gideon was scared?
  • What might have happened if Gideon refused to believe God wanted him to lead the Israelite army?
  • Help your child think of other stories of “nobodies” that were able to make a difference. Talk together about how God created everyone to be a somebody.

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